Seal Coating
Asphalt is a rich black and very flexible when first laid. As time passes, the petroleum-based components dry out in the sun and the asphalt becomes brittle and turns gray. At that point it is vulnerable to cracking which leads to holes and further deterioration. That's the time to apply a liquid seal coating. The coating seeps into the asphalt and protects it against rain, sun, ice, roots, etc. It is also resistant to oil, gasoline and salt. Advantage will prepare your asphalt surfaces, then apply sealer by hand or controlled spray, being careful to avoid staining any surrounding items.

Line striping
A freshly painted and well marked parking lot adds to both the image and safely of your property. Advantage offers lot layout, striping, re-striping and stenciling services.

Crack filling Sealing and filling cracks in your pavement prevents the intrusion of water and other materials which can degrade your property. Advantage sealing and filling provides long lasting adhesion under extreme weather conditions.

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